Amazon Buys Real Markets? This is Nothing to Laugh About!

Pop-up stores not only in U.S.A, Madrid, and Berlin. Amazon beautifies these areas. But that’s just marketing. Because possibly the very large stationary wheel is turned in secret, and this is the fault of the logistics disaster in most countries. Maybe that’s just spinning. But what if not just spinning? This calls more for sales funnel service; this click funnel review says more.

How nice of Facebook. It wants to give young brands, whose products are so far only available online, the opportunity to present themselves in stores, it is said. Therefore, the current nine pop-up stores in stores of the US department store chain Macy’s – in New York City, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.

The Trick

It is heavily populating everywhere. But at the latest, since Amazon opened Wednesday in Madrid and Thursday then also in Berlin is to be assumed that this is more than a few nice shops in between with Christmas presents, and photo workshops.

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Something big seems to be simmering on the Amazon stove. The real estate consultants are tasked with finding a suitable space is nothing new. Only about their use is there so far hardly usable information.

  • Who needs all the non-food stuff?
  • But you can even spin around. What is or will be available in the foreseeable future?

Hmmm, Right – the Real Markets.

There are still 282 relics of old shopping times in these hypermarkets, and the owner Metro wants to sell the whole unit. Because with real markets, there is nothing left to get. One problem with this format is the whole non-food junk. Who, for example, does real markets still have assortment competence for fashion today? Though with this clickfunnels pricing guide, more sales can be generated.

So get away with it. The pretty food market halls are to be understood as bridal jewelry so that possible grooms get a little more desire for real markets. For Metro, it would logically be the best, a big investor gets everything at once, which then exploits everything and little by little develop more.