Online or Offline: What are The Best Sources to Buy Second Hand Car

Do you need used car in Bangalore? Are you looking to buy a second hand car? If yes, then here is a list of best sources from where you can buy a second hand car.

Apps or Websites

The whole country is going through a digital transformation and Bangalore is not exception here. There are online websites and smartphone apps that act as a meeting place between sellers and buyers. You can do a quick search and find multiple sellers looking to sell their cars. You can contact them using the app and get the discussion going.

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Digital Marketplaces

There are a few digital marketplaces that are operating as your one stop shop for any kind of service related to pre-used cars. They not only make pre-used certified cars available for sale but also offer services for applying for loans and getting legal paperwork done after the sale. So if you are looking for hassle-free purchase this is a good source.


Dealer are your offline aggregators who operate as a showroom for used cars. They have their dedicated place where they make second hand cars from different sellers available. A buyer can just walk into the dealership and see what options are available. The dealers get the cars inspected for loss or damages and get them certified for usability. The only problem is that if the car’s ownership has been transferred to the dealer, then what you get is a third hand car which further reduces the value.

Company Showrooms

Many OEMs have their own showrooms for used cars of their brand. They inspect the cars as per company standards, service them properly, and even change certain parts if needed. The cars bought from these showrooms are best in quality but are priced a little higher.


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