Time to Hire Large Internal Cold Rooms?

Cold rooms are easier to locate and enjoy than coping with a preventable loss of business.

Don’t struggle to house increased levels of stock, turn down bookings or resist using walk-in chiller or walk in freezer hire facilities in the mistaken belief that they’ll fall short of legislation.

Professionally built, hygienic and food safety law compliant cold rooms and walk in freezers are easy to find and chiller experts will be happy to answer any questions and set up the equipment for your maximum convenience.

Hire periods, walk-in chiller sizes and stock levels are variable but leading 5* customer service firms strive to make your hire experience 100% pleasurable.

You can’t ignore the Food Standards Agency and Health and Safety Executive rules and you shouldn’t wish to close to door to revenue so taking advantage of cost effective, competitively priced facilities is good old common sense. One phone call leads to peace of mind and facilitates business growth.

 Use cold rooms and walk in freezers in:

  • Community centres.
  • Food markets.
  • Farm/country show kitchens.
  • Schools, colleges, universities.
  • Galleries, exhibition spaces.
  • Wedding venues.
  • Party venues.
  • Food/drink festivals.
  • Spring/summer events.
  • At home.

What you need to know:

  • Walk-in chillers are designed for interior use although they can be placed outside.
  • Different sizes and capacities are available. e.g. 1.8m and 3m.
  • The hire firm delivers and collects the cold rooms and walk in freezers.
  • The units can be built on site.
  • No planning permission is required for installations.
  • Walk-in chillers are set up ready for use before the hire firm staff leaves the premises.
  • The shelves can be rearranged to suit the client.
  • Walk-in chillers and freezers are static.
  • All units deliver a professional appearance.
  • A mains power supply or generator can be used to power cold rooms and walk in freezers. If you need a generator, mention this to the hire firm when you book the facilities.
  • Walk-in chillers and freezers are fully maintained.
  • They’re hygienic and work in line with legislation.
  • They can be worked in by staff without contravening health and safety regulations.
  • The cold rooms and walk in freezers are insured but separate cover is necessary for the stock you place in them.
  • The walk-in chillers and freezers are lockable.
  • Hire periods can be extended extremely easily.

When selecting a supplier, as with any other resource or service, a quick check through client reviews online will soon show which companies fulfil their promises and which ones are working at a less satisfactory level. A little research can deliver maximum benefits in tools, efficiency and service delivery. You obviously don’t want to takes risks and endanger consumers or staff.

Reputable suppliers like Newbury based Icecool Trailers, who serve London, Berkshire, the Midlands, South Wales, the Home Counties and the Thames Valley, are long established and respected. They have a full appreciation of the needs and time demands of their client base.

The perfect walk-in chiller and freezer solution is waiting for you to claim it.

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