Top Marketing Automation Trends to Increase Your Sales

Marketing Automation is a very young trend in the Internet business processes.  There are still very few marketing experts know about this concept, and even fewer people are able to endure this technology into working business. With increasing the cost of human labor, the systems replace humans. In the very beginning it was in the mechanical engineering, and now, on the Internet as well.

The automation of the routine processes with the help of particular types of software, which can analyze actions of your clients and make personal offers on the basis of the data received. The main idea of the marketing automation is to exclude the routine labor of people and to replace them with robots, in order so people can focus on the highly intellectual work. You can read about this technology on this website.


Bpm’online is CRM software for marketing automation. It is a complex of tools, with the help of which it will be possible to identify the needs of your customers and to raise them before they make a purchase.

With the help of this first-grade marketing automation tool, you will be able to offer your clients only those products and services that they need. Moreover, in such a way you may increase your sales. Visit this site for more detailed information.

Key features:

  • marketing automation tool;
  • contact-center managing;
  • complex customer service;
  • lead management and segmentation;
  • forecasting of sales.


CallidusCloud CRM software is a product of a world’s leader of a marketing automation tool for your business sales. Various business team tools for boosting your sales at your service.

With the help of CallidusCloud software you can accelerate all your business processes. Different marketing, finance, human resource and legal teams the tools will make your business automated, so you can deal with highly intellectual work. At the same time, the software will track all your customers’ needs, to offer only the most suitable solutions for them. As a result, you will have more profit. You can read more about this smart software here.

Key features:

  • well-organized lead collections;
  • efficient sales management;
  • statistics and reporting;
  • various tools for marketing automation;
  • easy to implement.

                                                                     Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a service for sales and marketing automation, it covers two halves, they are managing the relations with clients and digital commerce. With the help of this system it is easy to identify, what kind of clients are there, to enter contacts, to automate the communications and plan meetings. Also the service allows tracking next deals and optimizing the working process via dashboard with the drag-and-drop possibility on the basis of the Agile interface basis. You can find out more about this software

Key features:

  • contacts managing;
  • sales managing;
  • meeting planning;
  • email tracking;
  • newsletters;
  • marketing automation;
  • conversation recording;
  • social networks monitoring.


PinPointe is one of the software with the largest number of built-in email templates for your marketing automation. With the help of this tool you can easily create different email campaigns. The full-functional mobile app for your convenience is available. Read more here.

Key features:

  • fully optimized mobile app;
  • various email templates;
  • possibility to create flexible-drip campaigns;
  • smart segments;
  • marketing automation.


SendinBlue is CRM software that allows you creating results-driven campaigns with a beautiful design. It is very easy to use tool with a user-friendly interface. It supports emails and phone conversations. In addition, SendinBlue is a perfect tool for marketing automation, it automatically track the behavior of your potential and existing customers on your site. You can read more about this marketing tool here.

Key features:

  • drag and drop designer;
  • template gallery;
  • mobile-friendly emails;
  • campaign tracking;
  • email sending;
  • contact management;
  • transactional emails.

Description: Marketing automation is a very useful and powerful marketing tool. The basic marketing automation software in this review.

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